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Surface Mount Assembly
Our ISO 9001 production facility offers3 high speed line with Ultra fine pitch high speed Samsung Neo CP45 assembly line with 6 heads on the fly alignment capable of place components as small as 0201 to BGA and Micro BGA, and 2 Panasonic fine pitch lines with 2 high speed chip shooters.

The total component placement rate is approximately 50,000 per hour.

We utilize MPM screen printers that use computer controlled visual fiducial alignment for precise solder placement. Also all our BGA will be inspected using Glenbrook X-ray Inspection Machine.

Cygnus Uses Samsung SMT lines

CP45 NEO Series

The CP45 NEO Series Advanced Flexible Component Placer from Samsung combines
a range of features designed to enhance your productivity. Combining digital illumination and multi-camera advanced vision with high-speed CSP placement on a stable, reliable platform increases your production efficiency.

Outstanding Flexibility
The fully programmable digital illumination system is optimized for each component shape, enhanced by the wide range of cameras, ranging from 20mm 45mm, for high-precision placement of components up to 1.65 in including QFP and 0.011 in fine pitch. The CP45 NEO Series includes two standard feeder bases for a maximum capacity of 104 x 8mm tape feeders, safely placing smallest 0201 to 32mm square components.

Advanced Flying Vision System
The CP45 NEO Series’ true “on-the-fly” vertical alignment system centers components during transit between picking up the device and placement. Individual cameras for each of the six heads help achieve placement speeds up to 20,200 CPH.

Upward Looking Vision
with Digital Illumination System

The CP45 Neo’s upward looking camera system increases your success by using straight-line optics for inspection of QFP, CSP, BGA’s or fine pitch devices.

The fully programmable illumination system comes with optimized settings for each component shape. Multi-angle lighting is digitally controlled and offers 16 levels of illumination, suitable for all type of components.




Machine Style


Single gantry with 6 heads

Alignment Method


Full vision (Flying vision + Stage vision)

Placement Rate
(Tact Time)

Flying Vision/Aligner

0.178 sec/chip 20,200 CPH

Stage Vision

1.6 sec/QFP


14,900 CPH

Placement Accuracy


±0.0016" (±0.04mm) (QFP) @ 3 sigma

Maximum 8mm Feeders



Component Coverage



0201 ~ 1.26" (0.4mm p QFP)

Min. Lead Pitch

0.012" (0.3mm)

Min. Ball Pitch

0.020" (0.5mm)

Flying Vision/Aligner

0201 ~ 22mm

Stage Vision

~ 32mm IC (0.4p QFP)



0201 ~ 42mm (0.3p QFP, 0.5p CSP)

Flying Vision/Aligner

0201 ~ 12mm

Stage Vision(FOV45)

~ 42mm/0.020"p (0.5p)

Stage Vision(FOV35)

~ 32mm/0.016"p (0.4p)

Stage Vision(FOV20)

~ 17mm/0.012"p (0.3p) QFP, 0.020"p (0.5p) CSP

Max. Height

Flying Vision/Aligner

0.35" (9mm)

Stage Vision

0.59" (15mm)

Nozzle Changer


20 pocket ANC

Board Size

Standard Type

18.1" x 15.75" x 0.165" ~ 1.97" x 1.18" x 0.015" (460 x 400 x 4.2 ~ 50 x 30 x 0.38)

Large Type

20" x 18.11" x 0.165" ~ 1.97" x 3.55" x 0.015" (510 x 460 x 4.2 ~ 50 x 90 x 0.38)

External Dimension

Standard Type

65" x 61" x 54" (1650 x 1540 x 1370)

Large Type

65" x 60" x 56" (1650 x 1520 x 1420)

Utility Requirements


AC220V ~ 240V (50/60Hz, single phase), 2.6kW (6kVA)


71 PSI 6CFM (5 kg/cm2, 160Nl/min)

Net Weight


3,043lbs (1380 kg)

Contract Assembly
Material for assembly can be either on consignment or procured by Cygnus on a turnkey basis. We have excellent worldwide industry contacts to ensure that we supply quality components from qualified vendors at competitive prices.

Manual Assembly
We have dedicated setup lines for customers. This allows us to be flexible yet ensure full devotion to individual contracts. We provide lead forming and trimming services to ensure consistent component shaping.

Axial Lead Device Sequencing
We offer a service to combine up to 40 different axial leaded devices on to a single tape and reel. Components ranging from 1/8 W to 2 W resistors and all axial leaded capacitors (no electrolytic). Reels can be up to 14” in diameter and carry as many as 10, 000 components.

Through Hole Assembly
We have a full line of Universal Automatic Insertion Equipment for through hole and mixed technology assemblies. A Contact 400C is available for semi automatic through hole assembly. Clean or no clean solder can be used in our wave solder process. All our assemblies are fed through our inline aqueous wash using a de-ionized water source.

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