Services / Test Capabilities

In-Circuit Test (ICT):

  • Teradyne & Fairchild Factron in-circuit test systems
  • Test fixture design and procurement
  • Test program development
  • Boundary Scan
  • In-system programming

Functional Test

  • In-house fixture design and development

Final System Test and Configuration

  • Test Design
  • System level programming and serialization


  • Thermal cycling
  • Power cycling
  • Functional and system-level testing

Using Yestech Latest Automated Optical Inspection machine capable of detecting components as small as 0201 packages to QFP and through hole components.

Repair Services:
We offer a range of repair services ranging from product upgrades, engineering changes, component recovery, memory module and BGA repairs using conceptronic freedom 2000 Rework Station.

The machine will detect component position, missing, wrong polarity, skew, and tombstone. Lead detected if bent, lifted and bridging. Solder quality includes open insufficient, Short and solder ball.

X-Ray Inspection
Using the same technologies, we manufacture Insertion Equipment Board Holders, Reflow Oven Pallets, Burn-in Oven Fixtures, Alignment Jigs, etc.

Design &
Procurement &
Cable Manufacturing
Auto Rem