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Today’s high-volume electronics products require a new level of manufacturing and test capability. Ever-shrinking product cycles and unpredictable changes in demand and shipping levels mean you need rapid line set up and changeover, high line rates, and minimum
Work in Process (WIP). Your customers’ demand for lower-cost products translates into a continuous “cost-down” strategy in manufacturing and test.

And when it comes to communications and computer products like network switches, cell phones, PDAs, and laptops, you need a manufacturing and test capability that can handle mixed-signal and RF, low-power technologies, and increasingly dense packaging.

Whatever your technical challenge, the SpectrumTM 8800-Series VXI Manufacturing Test Platform can help you meet it. Designed for high-volume manufacturing environments at OEMs and contract manufacturers, the Spectrum 8800-Series delivers the following:

  • Highest process fault coverage, including full vectorless test.
  • High-performance analog and mixed-signal test.
  • Prototype in-circuit test program in four hours or less.
  • Production test program in three days.
  • Fixture build in three days.
  • Meet a line rate of 10-15 seconds.
  • Automation ready for in-line deployment.
  • Low capital and running costs.
  • Full data-collection facilities.
  • Platform for reducing test steps and improving final-test stage yields.

Flying Probe ICT tester

  • Evaluates solder joints between lands and leads by resistance testing
  • 40 steps/sec. measuring rate
  • AOI function checks component presence, polarity and displacement
  • Soft-landing probes to prevent board damage
  • Minimum probing pitch of 0.2mm
  • Fast fixture-less setup
  • Optional Tecnomatix Unicam CAD conversion software

1220 Bed-of-Nails (BON) In-Circuit Tester

  • High-speed and efficient in-circuit testing
  • Automatic Test Generation (ATG) function
  • Remote self-diagnostic feature
  • Data stored in CSV format for off-line analysis
  • Wide range measurement capabilities
  • Compact, space-saving footprint
  • User-friendly Windows® 2000/XP operation


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