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We offer a range of repair services ranging from product upgrades, engineering changes, component recovery, memory module and BGA repairs using conceptronic freedom 2000 Rework Station.

Freedom Series for Advanced Process Development, Prototyping & Rework

The Freedom Series is A LOT MORE than simple rework stations. Actually they are the industry’s most advanced, yet easy-to-use component placement, heating and removal systems. In fact, they are best suited for BGA, CSP, Flip Chip or leaded component process development and prototype production.

The Freedom 2000 uses custom WindowsTM-based control software that incorporates features available only on the most advanced reflow soldering ovens. Control of your process, through thermal profiling and editing of heating parameters, is completely at your fingertips. Heating is precisely controlled through password protected process development, creating probably the easiest system for operators of high-end rework equipment.

As a result, thermal processing of advanced components is accomplished repeatably from thin “low-mass” PCB’s to large “high-mass” PCBs up to 20” x 18” (50.8 cm x 45.7 cm).

The Freedom Series standard powerful top and bottom heating system applies precise quantities of forced convective energy directly to the component and board. Any combination of gas velocity, temperature and heater height can be used to adjust the heating rate. For “high-mass” assemblies, our Honeycomb IR bottom-side pre-heater is ideal. Its large surface area and ultrahigh heat transfer coefficient provide the additional horsepower needed for rapid soldering while maintaining decreased temperature deltas, thus preventing board warp.


  • WindowsTM based control system
  • Top and bottom forced convective heaters
  • Bottom side board support
  • Independent gas flow, temperature and working height adjustment parameters
  • Massive precision-machined frame for repeatable positioning and component placement
  • Live video display for alignment of simultaneous component and pad images
  • Low cost, multifunction nozzles with integrated vacuum pickup


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