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EcoStrip 9300
Automatic wire cutting and stripping machine

Automatic Cut & Strip Machine

The all-electric EcoStrip 9300 efficiently and precisely processes round cables and wires up to 6 mm (0.235") outer diameter and flat ribbon cables up to a width of 13mm (0.511") with a stripping length up to 999.9 mm (3.28 ft).

Automatic Inline Cable Processing

By combining an EcoStrip 9300 (3) with a Schleuniger prefeeding machine (1) and a hotstamp marking machine (2), a complete production line can be established. Various models are available for feeding, marking, stacking and coiling of wire and cable.

Single wire

discrete wire
hot stamped and cut to length


cut to length

Discrete wire

solid wire
full strip right end and window strip (right end only)

single conductor wire

discrete wire
partial strip one end or both ends

Multi conductor cable

multi conductor cable
full strip on jacket only


full strip one end or both ends

flat cable

jacketed flat cable
full strip one end or both ends

flat cable

flat ribbon cable
partial strip one end or both ends


wires, cables: Max. outside diameter: 6 mm [0.235”] (max. guide tube size 7 mm [0.276”])
flat ribbon cable: Max. width: 9 mm [0.354”]/13 mm [0.511”], depending on cable design
Max. height: 3 mm [0.118”]
normal mode: 45 mm to 999,999 mm [1.77” to 3280 ft]
short mode: < 45 mm [1.77”]
stranded wire: Max. 6 mm2 (10 AWG)*
solid wire: Max. 1.5 mm2 (16 AWG)*
right end: 45 mm [1.77”] (possibly longer, depending on type of cable)
left end: 45 mm [1.77”] 5200 pieces/hr. (22 AWG cable; length: 100 mm [3.94”]; 4 mm [0.157”] partial pull-off on both sides). Possibility of double processing*
9 levels 147–1680 mm/s [5.78–66.1”/s]
standard: Steel rollers, knurled
optional: Diamond or rubber coated rollers
standard: carbide V-blade
optional: HSS V-blade, double V-blade, radius blade
double radius blade, flat blade, cable-specific blade
Up to 250 different programs
standard: Interfaces for hot stampers, prefeeders and wire stackers

Universal Safety Crimping Press

The pneumatic SafeCrimp 40 crimping press crimps wires up to 35 mm² (2 AWG) with up to 4 tons of force. The extremely rugged benchtop unit features a completely new mechanical safety system and can be fitted with a wide range of adapters and die sets - making it extremely flexible and suitable for a variety of crimping processes.

Easy Access & Handling - Full Safety Included

Due to the safety press' completely new and patented design, it is now possible to position parts to be processed with both hands near the dies before and during the press cycle. A conventional safety shield is not required enabling a much easier handling and free access during all processes - without any risk!

Innovative Safety System

Upon a foreign object being caught within the processing area of the crimping machine, the system's sophisticated mechanics automatically locks. The force applied on to the foreign object (e.g. a finger) is so small that no injuries can occur. The safety system's design permits the full press capacity to be released only if the distance between the inserts or tools and the foreign object is smaller than the set range (1 - 6 mm, respectively 0.039" - 0.23"), meaning the foreign object must first be removed. Even in case of power failure, this innovative safety system is fully functional.

The SafeCrimp machines (Models 10, 15, 25 and 40) are the only presses on the market which have this impressive safety feature.

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