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Featuring Texas Instruments new PLC hardware chip set, the Piccolo MPU and analog front-end AFE031. Designed with the automotive market in mind this platform contains a rem module, TI’s reference PLC (power line communication) circuit on a small postage stamp pcb measuring 0.960” x 1.297” and a carrier pcb containing all the necessary functions to connect the communications path from an electric vehicle to the off board charging supply. Together these boards create the auto-rem product.

Auto-Rem Features

  • Small footprint measuring 1.6” x 2.51”, with optional extruded metal enclosure.
  •  On board filtered power supplies for direct connect to 12 volt vehicle power.
  •  2 power wakeup control sense lines with >100K impedance.
  •  MPU controlled power shutdown.
  •  PLC impedance matched to support AC coupled vehicle pilot wire communications between off   board charging supply and the electric vehicle, sporting the OFDM communications protocol.
  • CAN interface for vehicle side communications.
  • RS232, RS485 and RS422 ­­­electrical interfaces for charger supply communications.
  • Off board connectors;
    1) vehicle, 8-pin Molex micro-fit 3mm,
    2) DB9F for power supply